7 February 2020

13:301Collège Filles 1000 meterofficial
13:452Collège Filles 1000 meterofficial
13:553Collège Garçons 1000 meterofficial
14:104Collège Garçons 1000 meterofficial
14:205Lycée Filles 1000 meterofficial
14:356Lycée Filles, Lycée Garçons 1000 meterofficial
14:457Lycée Garçons 1000 meterofficial
15:008Partagé Cognitif Collège 1000 meterofficial
15:109Partagé Cognitif Lycée 1000 meterofficial
15:2510Collège Filles, Collège Garçons 2000 meter relayofficial
15:4011Lycée Filles, Lycée Garçons 2000 meter relayofficial
16:0012WR4 Avirose 2000 meter relayofficial
18:0013M60+, LM60+, LW60+, W60+, W50 500 meterofficial
18:1514M50, M30, LM50, LM30 500 meterofficial
18:2515M40, W50, LW50, W30 500 meterofficial
18:3516M40, W40, LW40, LW30, LM40, M PR3-ID, W PR3-ID 500 meterofficial
18:4517M30, LM30, M U23 500 meterofficial
18:5518M U23, W U23, LM U23, LW U23, M 500 meterofficial
19:3519M, W, LW, LM, JM16 500 meterofficial
20:1520JM18, JW18, JM16, JW16 500 meterofficial
20:5521M PR1, M PR2, M PR3, W PR2, W PR3, W PR1, W PR3-ID, M PR3-ID 500 meterofficial


8 February 2020

09:0022M90, M85, M80, M75, M65, M70, W65, W70, W75, W80, W85, LM80, LM75, LM70, LW70, LW75, LW85 2000 meterofficial
09:2023LW60, W65, W60, LM65, LW65, LM60 2000 meterofficial
09:4024LW55, W55, M60 2000 meterofficial
09:5525M55, LM55 2000 meterofficial
10:1026M50, W50 2000 meterofficial
10:2527M50, LM50, LW50, LW40 2000 meterofficial
10:4028W40, M40 2000 meterofficial
11:0029M40 2000 meterofficial
11:1530LW30, LM40, M40, W30 2000 meterofficial
11:3031LM30, W30 2000 meterofficial
11:4532M30 2000 meterofficial
12:3533JW16 2000 meterofficial
12:5034JM16, JW18 2000 meterofficial
13:0535JM16 2000 meterofficial
13:2036JM18 2000 meterofficial
13:5537M U23, LW U23, W U23 2000 meterofficial
14:1038W U23, LM U23 2000 meterofficial
14:5539LM, M 2000 meterofficial
15:1040W, LW 2000 meterofficial
15:2541M 2000 meterofficial
16:1042W PR1, W PR2, W PR3, M PR1, M PR2, M PR3 2000 meterofficial
17:0543M PR3-ID, W PR3-ID 1000 meterofficial
17:2544Mix4 HV 500 meterofficial
18:0545MixR4 Ugsel, M PR1, WR4 FR, MixR4 PR3-ID 2000 meter relayofficial
18:2546MR4 FR, MixR4 2000 meter relayofficial
18:4547MixR4 2000 meter relayofficial
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