Crew moves
Oxford Brookes Tier 2 A & B eights have been moved up to Championship eights
Race time adjustments
Afternoon finals have been moved back 6 minutes to allow additional time between the time trials and finals
Sunday Redrawn
The Sunday J14-15 Regatta has been redrawn


19 June 2021

M Jun 8o24
M Jun 8o
W Jun 8+17
W Jun 8+
Championship 8o21
Championship 8o
Tier 2 8o47
Tier 2 8o
J16 8o11Open to all Junior crews
J16 8o
W J15 8+16
W J15 8+
J15 1st 8o12Open to all Junior crews
J15 1st 8o
J15 2nd 8o12
J15 2nd 8o
J18 4x33
J18 4x
Championship 4-13
Championship 4-
Tier 2 4-32
Tier 2 4-
Championship 4x13
Championship 4x
Tier 2 4x18
Tier 2 4x
Women's 8o25
Women's 8o
Championship 4+13
Championship 4+
Women's 4x22
Women's 4x
Tier 2 4+34
Tier 2 4+
Women's 4-19
Women's 4-
W J18 4x-27
W J18 4x-


20 June 2021

Op J15 4+9
Op J15 4+
W J14 2nd 8x+9
W J14 2nd 8x+
W J15 4+17
W J15 4+
Op J14 2nd 8x+14
Op J14 2nd 8x+
Op J14 1st 8x+14
Op J14 1st 8x+
Op J14 4x+15
Op J14 4x+
W J14 1st 8x+12
W J14 1st 8x+
W J14 4x+16
W J14 4x+