Sat, 17:35 - Race 148 - M50 500m Heat 1

1st, 2nd, 3rd, remaining 14 fastest => FA, other => FB

Toby Backhouse 
2.GBRGreat Britain01:28.4(2)FA
Stephen Bailey 
3.GERSUB7 IRC / L√ľneburger Ruderclub01:30.0(3)FA
Henning Schnell 
4.GBRGreat Britain01:31.0(4)FA
Blair Look 
5.GBRFitness Matters Indoor Rowing Club01:31.5(5)FA
Anthony Walpole 
6.GBRGreat Britain01:35.2(6)FA
Tim Armstrong 
7.GBRGreat Britain01:39.7(7)FA
Guy Nesbitt 
IRLThe Eight Oarsemen of The Apocalypsedid not start
James Mcmurtry 
ITASporting Life Mentanadid not start
Salvatore Domina 
GBRUniversity of York Boat Clubdid not start
Rob Cree 
GBRGreat Britaindid not start
Craig Scorer