Sat, 17:35 - Race 148 - M50 500m Heat 1

1st, 2nd, 3rd, remaining 14 fastest => FA, other => FB

[1]GBRGreat Britain
Stephen Bailey
[2]GERSUB7 IRC / L√ľneburger Ruderclub
Henning Schnell
Toby Backhouse
[4]GBRGreat Britain
Tim Armstrong
[5]GBRFitness Matters Indoor Rowing Club
Anthony Walpole
[6]GBRGreat Britain
Blair Look
[7]GBRGreat Britain
Guy Nesbitt
[8]IRLThe Eight Oarsemen of The Apocalypse
James Mcmurtry
[10]ITASporting Life Mentana
Salvatore Domina
[11]GBRUniversity of York Boat Club
Rob Cree
[12]GBRGreat Britain
Craig Scorer