Sun, 15:06 - Race 236 - LM50, LM55, LM60, M60 500m Final A

1.GBRGuildford Rowing ClubLM50 500m01:27.5(1)
Adrian Nelson 
2.USALake Merritt Rowing ClubLM50 500m01:28.1(2)+0.6
Carlos Reategui 
3.GBRMolesey Boat ClubLM50 500m01:31.7(3)+4.2
Christopher Leonard 
4.RSAVirgin ActiveM60 500m01:32.1(4)+4.6
Hannes Botes 
5.GBRGloucester Rowing ClubLM55 500m01:34.3(5)+6.8
Steven Lowe 00:00.0
6.GBRGreat BritainM60 500m01:35.8(6)+8.3
John Michael Smith 
7.GBRCaversham Health and FitnessLM60 500m01:36.8(7)+9.3
David Jubb 
8.GBRGreat BritainLM55 500m01:37.4(8)+9.9
Russell Parkin 
9.GBRGreat BritainLM50 500m01:37.7(9)+10.2
Andy Lane 
10.GBRPengwern Boat ClubLM55 500m01:41.0(10)+13.5
Andrew Turner 
11.USAUnited StatesM60 500m01:44.2(11)+16.7
Stuart Johnston 
11.GBRGreat BritainLM60 500m01:44.2(11)+16.7
Mark Sanders 
13.GBRGreat BritainLM60 500m01:45.0(14)+17.5
Stephen Sincock 
14.GBRTees Rowing ClubM60 500m02:10.1(15)+42.6
John Pattison 
GBRWalbrook Rowing clubM60 500mdid not start
Andy Robinson 
out of competition
GBRGreat BritainLM55 500m01:44.3(13)+16.8
Mat Atkins