M 2000m

William Chambers
Deben Rowing Club
Andrew Kennedy
Lea Rowing Club
Daniel Sadler
St. Neots Rowing Club
Callum Beasley
Great Britain
Tom Skinner
SUB 7 IRC / Army
Jack Wilkin
Great Britain
Michael Fazakerley
Great Britain
Joe Robinson
Great Britain
Gregory Edwards
Venice Golds
Struan Potter
Gym 66
Graham Purdy
Great Britain
Graham Roberts
Great Britain
Robert Murphy
Great Britain
James Curtis
Home gym
Andy Berry
Great Britain
Oscar Gee
Twickenham Rowing Club
Nick Horsthuis
Great Britain
Patrick Moreau
Commercial Rowing Club, Dublin
Sean Kenny
Daniel Beckham
College of the Holy Cross (HC Cruisers)
Sean Walsh
We Are Invictus
withdrawn after draw
Patrick Home
Royal Chester RC/University of Warwick BC