Sun, 14:42 - Race 233 - LM30, LM40 500m Final A

[1]GBRBritish ArmyLM30 500m
Craig Mumby
[2]GBRMilton Keynes Rowing ClubLM30 500m
Chris Hearn
[3]USAUnited StatesLM30 500m
Peter Sohn
[4]GBRArmy Indoor RowingLM40 500m
Peter Maddock
[5]GBRGreat BritainLM40 500m
Roo Taylor
[6]AUSAustraliaLM40 500m
Shannon Reid
[7]GBRGreat BritainLM40 500m
Jonny Wignall
[8]GBRPrimitiveLM40 500m
Peter Groucutt
[9]ITAIDART MantovaLM40 500m
Piergiorgio Nasi
[10]GBRFortis Fitness & PerformanceLM40 500m
Paul Heselwood
[11]GBRGreat BritainLM40 500m
James Short
[12]GBRGreat BritainLM40 500m
Grant Fraser
[13]GBRThe Outhouse Gym (out of competition)LM30 500m
Neil Folwell
[14]GBRUniversity College Boat Club, Durham (UCBC) (out of competition)LM30 500m
David Shaw
[16]FINFitness Matters Indoor Rowing Club (out of competition)LM40 500m
Carl Granfelt
[17]ESPA.N. Castro Urdiales (out of competition)LM40 500m
David Mayo-Lopez
[18]GBRGreat Britain (out of competition)LM40 500m
Elliot Hakner