Sat, 11:30 - Race 113 - LM50, LM55, LM60, LM70 2000m Final A

[1]GBRMolesey Boat ClubLM50 2000m
Christopher Leonard
[2]GBRSt Andrew Boat ClubLM50 2000m
Tom Duke
[3]USALake Merritt Rowing ClubLM50 2000m
Carlos Reategui
[4]GBRGuildford Rowing ClubLM50 2000m
Adrian Nelson
[5]GBRGreat BritainLM50 2000m
Andy Lane
[6]GBRGreat Britain (out of competition)LM50 2000m
Chris Demarco
[7]GBRCurlew RC / EngineroomLM50 2000m
Stephen Matthews
[8]GBRGreat BritainLM50 2000m
Chris Newberry
[9]GBRGreat BritainLM50 2000m
Paul Scanlon
[10]GBRGreat BritainLM55 2000m
Russell Parkin
[11]GBRGreat BritainLM55 2000m
Andy Gannaway
[12]GBRGreat Britain (out of competition)LM55 2000m
Kevin Sadler
[13]GBRPengwern Boat ClubLM55 2000m
Andrew Turner
[14]GBRGreat BritainLM55 2000m
Mat Atkins
[15]GBRCaversham Health and FitnessLM60 2000m
David Jubb
[16]GBRRoyal NavyLM60 2000m
Mark Branson
[17]GBRGreat BritainLM60 2000m
Mark Sanders
[18]GBRGreat BritainLM60 2000m
Stephen Sincock
[19]GBRSouthern Academy of SportLM70 2000m
Mike Zaccheo