Sun, 14:50 - Race 234 - LW30, LW40, LW50, LW55, LW60, LW65 500m Final A

[1]ITASporting Life MentanaLW30 500m
Laura Ghioldi
[2]GBRGreat BritainLW30 500m
Victoria Gosling
[3]POLBroxbourne Rowing ClubLW30 500m
Andzelika Stozek
[4]GBRGreat BritainLW30 500m
Sally Nesbitt
[5]GBRLakeland Rowing ClubLW40 500m
Samantha Ayers
[6]GBRFishguard and Goodwick Jemima Rowing Club (out of competition)LW40 500m
Rachel Latter
[7]GBRTywi RC WalesLW40 500m
Samantha Owen
[8]GBRGreat BritainLW40 500m
Roslyn Mcginty
[9]GBRFitness Matters Indoor Rowing ClubLW50 500m
Louise Barber
[10]GBRArdingly Rowing ClubLW50 500m
Linda Goldsmith
[11]GBRCity of Sheffield Rowing ClubLW55 500m
Mandy Calvert
[12]GBRFishguard and Goodwick Jemima Rowing ClubLW60 500m
Martha Owen
[13]GBRWallbrook Rowing ClubLW60 500m
Janet Dutton
[14]GBRNoneLW65 500m
Carol Alker
[15]GBRMount's Bay Pilot Gig ClubLW65 500m
Zoe Payne
[17]GBRGreat Britain (out of competition)LW30 500m
Rebecca Barson
[18]IRLAchieve Fitness and Tralee Rowing Club (out of competition)LW40 500m
Tara O'halloran
[19]GBRBewl Bridge Rowing Club (out of competition)LW50 500m
Julia Kiggell
[20]GBRGreat BritainLW55 500m
Helen Lane