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Sat, 12:43 PM - Race 108 - [094] M Youth 4702 meter

1.NoblesDuncan Ayles03:51.3(1)09:09.2(1)13:42.9(1)16:29.5(1)
Noble & Greenough School 03:51.305:17.704:33.602:46.525.9 spm
2.LMHSIsaac Berman03:58.1(2)09:23.9(2)13:59.2(2)16:44.7(2)+15.2
Lower Merion High School Crew (Ardmore) 03:58.005:25.904:35.202:45.428.7 spm
3.LSCWilliam MacCormack03:58.3(3)09:26.3(3)14:11.3(3)16:58.5(3)+29.0
Lakeside School 03:58.205:28.004:44.902:47.227.8 spm
4.TYRARobert Sharpe04:10.0(5)09:49.8(5)14:39.3(5)17:30.2(4)+1:00.7
Tulsa Youth Rowing Association 04:09.905:39.804:49.602:50.829.9 spm
5.BBNAngus Crafter04:03.7(4)09:42.0(4)14:32.8(4)17:31.5(5)+1:02.0
Buckingham Browne & Nichols 04:03.705:38.304:50.802:58.724.7 spm
6.LSCFranklin Zheng04:16.8(7)10:06.6(6)15:07.9(6)18:11.4(6)+1:41.9
Lakeside School 04:16.805:49.705:01.103:03.528.0 spm
7.NoblesCalvin Kocher04:21.5(8)10:20.4(7)15:27.9(7)18:35.9(7)+2:06.4
Noble & Greenough School 04:21.405:58.805:07.603:08.026.3 spm
8.TYRAWallace Tucker------18:42.4(8)+2:12.9
Tulsa Youth Rowing Association 00:00.0
9.TYRALuke Brightmire04:22.9(9)10:33.0(9)15:43.2(8)18:55.1(9)+2:25.6
Tulsa Youth Rowing Association 04:22.806:10.005:10.103:11.828.8 spm
10.TYRASamson Derricott04:12.8(6)10:27.2(8)15:53.1(9)18:59.3(10)+2:29.8
Tulsa Youth Rowing Association 04:12.806:14.505:25.803:06.232.1 spm
11.TYRAThomas Sharpe04:31.4(10)10:44.5(10)16:03.0(10)19:16.4(11)+2:46.9
Tulsa Youth Rowing Association 04:31.406:13.005:18.403:13.431.7 spm
12.TYRAGage Guthery04:40.5(12)11:17.7(11)17:00.6(11)20:20.0(12)+3:50.5
Tulsa Youth Rowing Association 04:40.506:37.105:42.803:19.330.7 spm
13.SRCAndrew Bowe04:34.4(11)12:16.7(12)18:49.4(12)22:29.9(13)+6:00.4
Skullers Rowing Club 04:34.307:42.306:32.703:40.423.1 spm
HSBCEdward Deng   did not start
The Hill School 
HSBCRyan Fish   did not start
The Hill School 
NoblesAndrew Kasparyan   did not start
Noble & Greenough School 
HSBCDavid Chow   did not start
The Hill School 
HSBCJuan Ber Hinostroza   did not start
The Hill School 
TYRAJordan Hanson   did not start
Tulsa Youth Rowing Association 
HSBCStephen Chen   did not start
The Hill School 
NoblesMaxwell Hall   did not start
Noble & Greenough School 
HSBCDavid Gow   did not start
The Hill School 
HSBCLuke Shingles   did not start
The Hill School 
NoblesYaroslav Mikhaylov   did not start
Noble & Greenough School 
HSBCDerek Schmaeling   did not start
The Hill School 
HSBCPaul Stone   did not start
The Hill School 
Unaff.William Scarrow   did not start
Unaffiliated (AFG)