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[019] M (Participatory Erg) 4702 meter

1.PXLWard Lemmelijn14:31.0(1)
High school PXL Rowing Team 
2.CRRCMitchell King15:32.0(2)+1:01.0
Camp Randall Rowing Club, Inc 
3.MKRFMike Kapp15:53.5(3)+1:22.5
MK Rowing and Fitness 
4.MRAPierce Lauring15:58.2(4)+1:27.2
Michigan Rowing Association Alumni 
5.Unaff.Dylan Brown16:12.5(5)+1:41.5
Unaffiliated (CAN) 
6.Unaff.Jeremy Bryson16:19.0(6)+1:48.0
Unaffiliated (USA) 
7.Unaff.Kevin Fink16:22.4(7)+1:51.4
Unaffiliated (USA) 
8.MTCSimon Luden16:26.3(8)+1:55.3
Meatwagon TC 
9.Unaff.Ryan Miranda16:30.7(9)+1:59.7
Unaffiliated (USA) 
10.Unaff.Mick Malowany16:45.7(10)+2:14.7
Unaffiliated (CAN) 
11.Unaff.Adam Nasta16:59.6(11)+2:28.6
Unaffiliated (USA) 
12.Unaff.Aurelio Muzaurieta17:36.6(12)+3:05.6
Unaffiliated (USA) 
13.Unaff.J. Brian Byrd18:03.8(13)+3:32.8
Unaffiliated (USA) 
14.WICHZachary Davis18:38.9(14)+4:07.9
Wichita Rowing Association 
Unaff.Kurt Hufker--
Unaffiliated (USA) 
BCPhillip Maier--
Bowdoin College 
SABCFinlay Miller--
St. Andrew Boat Club 
Unaff.Will Bernard--
Unaffiliated (USA) 
LORCTom Whateley--
London Otters Rowing Club 
RRAndrew Smith--
Row and Ride