Sun, 09:20 - Race 2 - W40, LW50, W50

[1]Royal NavyW40
Claire McLennan
[2]Fitness MattersW40
Simone Oliver
[3]MPA FitnessW40
Clare Hargreaves
Sue Stout
[5]Live Life LightW40
Sue Clabrough
[6]MPA FitnessW40
Catherine Pearson
[7]Aberystwyth RCLW50
Maggie Collingborn
[8]Sub 7LW50
Margaret Greenhall
[9]Sub7IRC and Seal Personal TrainingLW50
Susan Young
[10]Sub7 IRC / Castle Semple RCLW50
Clare Rainbow
[11]Live Life Light GymLW50
Caroline Gray
[12]Live Life LightW50
Tracey Wood
Lynne Skehan
Kaz Sharman
[15]Royal NavyW50
Clare Valentine
[16]Hollingworth Lake RCW50
Penny Price
[17]Leicester RCW50
Sarah Peck
[19]Peterlee 1 life gymW40
Lesley Wilson
Lynne Qualters
[21]Royal NavyW40
Helen Richardson
[22]Yare BC / Red Line RowersW40
Shelagh Tubby
Andrea Thomas
Ann Atkins
[29]Hollingworth Lake RCW50
Amanda Diver
[30]West Yorkshire fire and rescueW50
Christina Nugent
[31]Trafford RCW50
Jackie Hamer
[32]Adam Blew PTW50
Tracey Barnes