Sat, 11:05LM USA United States  
Sat, 10:50M NZL New Zealand  
Fri, 14:50W CAN Canada  
Wed, 14:14W55 ITA Italy  
Wed, 12:42M40 GBR Great Britain  
Wed, 12:22M FRA France  
Wed, 12:21LM60 AUS Australia  
Wed, 10:37LW60 FRA France  
Wed, 09:35LW40 USA United States  
Wed, 09:29LW30 BEL Belgium  
Wed, 09:22W65 AUS Australia  
Tue, 20:13M GBR Great Britain  
Tue, 14:41LW THA Thailand Weigh in submission does not comply with the requirements. No test weight. And no date or time shown in the video submission.
Tue, 13:58LW MAR Morocco Failed to comply with the requirements for a weigh in video.  
Tue, 13:57LM MAR Morocco Failed to comply with the requirements for a weigh in video.  
Tue, 12:51LW60+ AUS Australia No submission received  
Tue, 12:50LM55 AUS Australia No submission received  
Tue, 12:48LM40 NZL New Zealand No submission received  
Tue, 12:34W PR3 ISR Israel  
Tue, 12:08LW30 ESP Spain Not Weighed in Within the required time period. 
Tue, 11:53W PR3 ITA Italy  
Tue, 10:40LW60+ FRA France  
Tue, 09:41LW BEL Belgium withdrawn 
22/02/2021, 11:14M U23 RSA South Africa  
21/02/2021, 14:36LM55 ITA Italy  
21/02/2021, 14:24W70 CAN Canada  
21/02/2021, 14:21LW   Withdrawn 
21/02/2021, 14:19M90 USA United States  
21/02/2021, 14:13W FIN Finland  
19/02/2021, 10:36LW40 GBR Great Britain  
19/02/2021, 10:15M FIN Finland  
16/02/2021, 15:46LW RSA South Africa  
16/02/2021, 15:35W FIN Finland  
16/02/2021, 15:16LW U23 CAN Canada  
15/02/2021, 16:25M U23 ITA Italy  
15/02/2021, 16:24M40 NOR Norway  
15/02/2021, 16:22M U23 USA United States  
15/02/2021, 16:21M U23 NZL New Zealand  
15/02/2021, 16:18LW50 ITA Italy  
15/02/2021, 16:16W40 GBR Great Britain  
15/02/2021, 16:15M30 FRA France  
15/02/2021, 16:14W AUS Australia  
15/02/2021, 16:13W30 DEN Denmark  
15/02/2021, 16:11W DEN Denmark  
15/02/2021, 16:08M PR3 TUN Tunisia  
15/02/2021, 16:03W EGY Egypt  
15/02/2021, 16:02LM50 GBR Great Britain  
15/02/2021, 16:00LM U23 FRA France  
15/02/2021, 15:58W GBR Great Britain