29 May 2021

2nd 8+ B9Elsenham Cup
2nd 8+ B
3rd 8+ B4West Cup
3rd 8+ B
Ch 8+ B24Queen Mother
Ch 8+ B
2nd 4x B12Politzer Trophy
2nd 4x B
Ch 4x B31Forest Cup
Ch 4x B
Ch 4- B8Royal Engineers Cup
Ch 4- B
Ch 4+ B9Hedsor Cup
Ch 4+ B
Ch 1x B23Sculls Cup
Ch 1x B
Ch 4x G34Sherriff Cup
Ch 4x G
2nd 4x G10Wimbledon Centenary Cup
2nd 4x G
Ch 4- G7Colts Cup
Ch 4- G
Ch 4+ G8Jim Mason Plate
Ch 4+ G
Ch 1x G30Internationals Cup
Ch 1x G
Ch 8+ G8Aylings Challenge Cup
Ch 8+ G


30 May 2021

J16 8+ B16Desmond Hill Cup
J16 8+ B
J16 2nd 8+ B6Eton Vikings Cup
J16 2nd 8+ B
J16 2nd 4x B6Shawcross Cup
J16 2nd 4x B
J16 4x B27Kingston Cup
J16 4x B
Ch 2x B18Fox Tankard
Ch 2x B
Ch 2- B7Nick Bevan Cup
Ch 2- B
J16 2nd 8+ G3City of London Cup
J16 2nd 8+ G
J16 8+ G13Steve Gunn Bowl
J16 8+ G
J16 4x G30Thames/Fawley Cup
J16 4x G
J16 2nd 4x G10Kitchen Cup
J16 2nd 4x G
Ch 2x G29Crockford Bowl
Ch 2x G
Ch 2- G9Leander Cup
Ch 2- G
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