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[003] M70+ 4702 meter

1.Unaff.Norton Schlachter17:57.0(1)
Unaffiliated (USA) 
2.CBCRobert Lee17:59.2(2)+2.2
Cambridge Boat Club 
3.Unaff.Luther Jones18:10.3(3)+13.3
Unaffiliated (USA) 
4.MOTLDick Dreissigacker18:25.5(4)+28.5
Motley Rowing Club 
5.WRCJohn Alberti18:32.5(5)+35.5
Willamette Rowing Club 
6.KMRCWyatt Hume18:42.9(6)+45.9
Kent Mitchell Rowing Club 
7.BEARobin Sterk18:49.4(7)+52.4
ERV Beatrix 
8.NRCAnthony Lorrimer19:05.0(8)+1:08.0
Nottingham Rowing Club 
9.Unaff.John Seaman19:11.6(9)+1:14.6
Unaffiliated (USA) 
10.MRRATim Wheatley19:12.7(10)+1:15.7
Merrimac River Rowing Association 
11.BIACWallace Murfit19:14.0(11)+1:17.0
Bair Island Aquatic Center (BIAC) 
12.GARDon Davis19:20.4(12)+1:23.4
Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. 
13.Unaff.Robert Ajello19:33.3(13)+1:36.3
Unaffiliated (USA) 
14.MITGW. David Lee19:51.7(14)+1:54.7
MIT Grad Crew 
15.Unaff.George Yachan19:52.4(15)+1:55.4
Unaffiliated (USA) 
16.Unaff.Jim Wipff19:57.0(16)+2:00.0
Unaffiliated (USA) 
17.CRIBill Schauffler20:06.4(17)+2:09.4
Community Rowing, Inc. 
18.MUBCPaul Bridgeford20:13.2(18)+2:16.2
Melbourne University Boat Club 
19.QRCJames Byrnes20:55.4(19)+2:58.4
Quinsigamond Rowing Club Inc. 
20.Unaff.Bob Valerian21:52.5(20)+3:55.5
Unaffiliated (USA) 
21.CBCJohn Born22:53.3(21)+4:56.3
Cambridge Boat Club 
22.Unaff.Edward Christiansen27:56.0(22)+9:59.0
Unaffiliated (USA) 
PVRCKen Geromini--
Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club 
VBCJay Galeski--
Virginia Boat Club 
GGRCLarry O'Toole--
Gentle Giant Rowing Club