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[021] LM (Participatory Erg) 4702 meter

1.OKCBenjamin Boehm17:14.0(1)
OKC Riversport 
2.OKCShon Cook17:23.9(2)+9.9
OKC Riversport 
3.GDRABrian White17:28.0(3)+14.0
Greater Dayton Rowing Association 
4.LMHSPaul DeSouza17:31.7(4)+17.7
Lower Merion High School Crew (Ardmore) 
5.Unaff.Stephen Kress17:37.6(5)+23.6
Unaffiliated (USA) 
6.ARCJay Evans18:01.0(6)+47.0
Annapolis Rowing Club, Inc. 
7.Unaff.John Weber18:23.1(7)+1:09.1
Unaffiliated (USA) 
8.Unaff.Will Newman18:51.5(8)+1:37.5
Unaffiliated (USA) 
9.Unaff.Alexander Komarynskyj19:33.5(9)+2:19.5
Unaffiliated (USA)