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[095] W Youth (Competitive Live) 4702 meter

1.MRAJulietta Camahort04:11.2(1)09:56.1(1)14:48.6(1)17:47.8(1)
Marin Rowing Association 04:11.205:44.904:52.402:59.228.0 spm
2.OARSJadyn Kelsey04:24.6(4)10:16.6(2)15:15.3(2)18:16.8(2)+29.0
Orlando Area Rowing Society, Inc. 04:24.505:51.804:58.603:01.426.7 spm
3.YQCRElla Saunders04:17.9(2)10:16.7(3)15:21.5(3)18:24.9(3)+37.1
Y Quad Cities Rowing 04:17.905:58.805:04.703:03.331.6 spm
4.NoblesEmma Parrott04:23.6(3)10:29.1(4)15:40.7(4)18:49.0(4)+1:01.2
Noble & Greenough School 04:23.606:05.405:11.703:08.328.2 spm
5.OARSKendra Giehl04:34.9(5)10:46.9(5)16:03.2(5)19:15.0(5)+1:27.2
Orlando Area Rowing Society, Inc. 04:34.906:12.105:16.303:11.825.6 spm
6.NoblesElena Guerra04:36.4(6)10:48.6(6)16:04.7(6)19:19.1(6)+1:31.3
Noble & Greenough School 04:36.306:12.105:16.003:14.424.7 spm
7.HSBCRaina Shah04:51.6(7)11:33.2(7)17:27.2(7)21:05.4(7)+3:17.6
The Hill School 04:51.506:41.605:53.903:38.227.7 spm
8.TYRARiley Shea04:56.3(8)11:42.9(8)17:32.9(8)21:08.8(8)+3:21.0
Tulsa Youth Rowing Association 04:56.206:46.505:50.003:35.826.3 spm
9.TYRAHaleen McMahan05:10.5(10)12:13.8(9)18:07.1(9)21:38.6(9)+3:50.8
Tulsa Youth Rowing Association 05:10.407:03.405:53.303:31.525.3 spm
10.HSBCLal Yatagan05:05.5(9)12:26.7(10)18:42.9(10)22:35.4(10)+4:47.6
The Hill School 05:05.507:21.206:16.203:52.427.9 spm
11.TYRAIsley Steger05:10.5(10)12:33.1(11)18:53.1(11)22:43.7(11)+4:55.9
Tulsa Youth Rowing Association 05:10.407:22.706:19.803:50.525.4 spm
12.TYRAObrieann Gniech------22:52.4(12)+5:04.6
Tulsa Youth Rowing Association 00:00.0
13.TYRAMya Fincher05:44.7(12)13:33.0(12)20:12.4(12)24:13.8(13)+6:26.0
Tulsa Youth Rowing Association 05:44.707:48.306:39.404:01.430.3 spm
HSBCCamille Beeding   did not start
The Hill School 
AJRAIHannah Hartley   did not start
Annapolis Junior Rowing Association, Inc. 
TYRAEmma Reynolds   did not start
Tulsa Youth Rowing Association 
HSBCEmily Rakos   did not start
The Hill School 
MACCarly Milosevic   did not start
Marina Aquatic Center 
HSBCAvery Reigner   did not start
The Hill School 
NoblesSydney Asnis   did not start
Noble & Greenough School 
NoblesCharlotte Walkey   did not start
Noble & Greenough School 
HSBCAnna Guo   did not start
The Hill School 
HSBCAudrey Lehneis   did not start
The Hill School 
HSBCMelody Chen   did not start
The Hill School 
NoblesHadley Winslow   did not start
Noble & Greenough School 
HSBCZoya Holin   did not start
The Hill School 
HSBCSarah Jiang   did not start
The Hill School 
HSBCCassidy Beeding   did not start
The Hill School 
NoblesJessica DiPietrantonio   did not start
Noble & Greenough School 
HSBCAmber Cao   did not start
The Hill School 
HSBCSarah Wisneski   did not start
The Hill School 
NoblesMorgan Kendall   did not start
Noble & Greenough School