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[072] M60+ (Competitive Live)

BEAERV BeatrixMartin Luirink
ERV Beatrix
MOTLMotley Rowing ClubPeter Dreissigacker
Motley Rowing Club
PRBCPurple Reign Boat ClubThomas Rizzo
Purple Reign Boat Club
UBUniversity at BuffaloFred Luongo
University at Buffalo
Unaff.Unaffiliated (SUI)Ilan Vardi
Unaffiliated (SUI)
Unaff.Unaffiliated (USA)Mark R. De Lisio
Unaffiliated (USA)
Unaff.Unaffiliated (USA)Mark D Mazur
Unaffiliated (USA)
VCRCVictoria City Rowing ClubGustave Schoch
Victoria City Rowing Club
YrraYrraYarra Yarra Rowing ClubJack Chatziyakoumis
Yarra Yarra Rowing Club