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[075] W50+ (Competitive Live)

CDBCrimson Death BargeElaine Caughey
Crimson Death Barge
CRICommunity Rowing, Inc.Andrea Rourke
Community Rowing, Inc.
ERGSteeringuwright, LLCCeCe Aguda
Steeringuwright, LLC
SAUGSaugatuck Rowing Club, LLCKirsten deBiasi
Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC
Unaff.Unaffiliated (GER)Eva Christina Hellmund
Unaffiliated (GER)
Unaff.Unaffiliated (GER)Eva Hellmund
Unaffiliated (GER)
Unaff.Unaffiliated (USA)Peggy Laisaar
Unaffiliated (USA)
Unaff.Unaffiliated (USA)Rory Robertson
Unaffiliated (USA)
WBCWhitemarsh Boat ClubAmy McBlane
Whitemarsh Boat Club
WRCWallingford Rowing ClubLouise Wymer
Wallingford Rowing Club