25. november 2023

09.151W/M Ergo 6000 meterofficial
10.002WErgo 1000 meterofficial
10.153MErgo 1000 meterofficial
10.304U15 WErgo, U15 MErgo 4 minutesofficial
10.455U14 WErgo, U14 MErgo 3 minutesofficial
11.006U13 WErgo, U13 MErgo, U12 WErgo, U12 MErgo, U10 MErgo 2 minutesofficial
11.15730+WErgo 1000 meterofficial
11.30830+MErgo 1000 meterofficial
12.009U16 WErgo, U17 WErgo, U18 WErgo, U19 WErgo 2000 meterofficial
12.2010U16 MErgo, U17 MErgo, U18 MErgo, U19 MErgo 2000 meterofficial
12.4011U23 WErgo, WErgo, LWErgo 2000 meterofficial
13.0012U23 MErgo, U23 LMErgo, MErgo, LMErgo 2000 meterofficial
13.2013W/M 4-Stafet 2000 meter relayofficial
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