1 September 2023

08:00101CoastalMCW1x Heat 1official
09:00102CoastalMCW1x Heat 2official
10:00103CoastalMCM1x Heat 1official
10:30104CoastalCCM2x Heat 1official
11:00105CoastalMCM1x Heat 2official
11:30106CoastalCCM2x Heat 2official
12:30107CoastalCCM1x Heat 1official
13:30108CoastalCCM1x Heat 2official
14:30109CoastalMCW1x Final Bofficial
15:30110CoastalMCM1x Final Bofficial
16:00111CoastalCCW2x Final Aofficial
16:40112CoastalCCM4x+ Final Aofficial
17:10113CoastalMCW1x Final Aofficial
17:50114CoastalCCMix2x Final Aofficial
18:30115CoastalCCW4x+ Final Aofficial
19:10116CoastalMCM1x Final Aofficial


2 September 2023

08:00201CoastalCCM2x Final Bofficial
08:50202CoastalCCM1x Final Bofficial
09:20203CoastalCCM2x Final Aofficial
10:00204CoastalCCW1x Final Aofficial
10:40205CoastalMCMix2x Final Aofficial
11:20206CoastalCCM1x Final Aofficial
14:00207Beach Race system ACJM1x Time Trialofficial
14:15208Beach Race system ACJW1x Time Trialofficial
14:27209Beach Race system ACM1x Time Trial 1official
14:49210Beach Race system ACW1x Time Trialofficial
15:18211Beach Race system ACJMix2x Time Trialofficial
15:33212Beach Race system ACMix2x Time Trialofficial
16:03213Beach Race system ACM1x Time Trial 2official


3 September 2023

08:30301Beach Race system ACJM1x Heat 1official
08:35302Beach Race system BCMix2x Heat 1official
08:40303Beach Race system ACJM1x Heat 2official
08:45304Beach Race system BCMix2x Heat 2official
08:50305Beach Race system ACJM1x Heat 3official
08:55306Beach Race system BCMix2x Heat 3official
09:05307Beach Race system BCMix2x Heat 4official
09:15308Beach Race system BCMix2x Heat 5official
09:25309Beach Race system BCMix2x Heat 6official
09:35310Beach Race system BCMix2x Heat 7official
09:45311Beach Race system ACW1x Heat 1official
09:50312Beach Race system BCJMix2x Heat 1official
09:55313Beach Race system ACW1x Heat 2official
10:00314Beach Race system BCJMix2x Heat 2official
10:05315Beach Race system ACW1x Heat 3official
10:15316Beach Race system ACW1x Heat 4official
10:25317Beach Race system ACW1x Heat 5official
10:35318Beach Race system ACW1x Heat 6official
10:45319Beach Race system ACW1x Heat 7official
10:55320Beach Race system ACM1x Heat 1official
11:00321Beach Race system ACM1x Heat 2official
11:05322Beach Race system ACM1x Heat 3official
11:10323Beach Race system ACM1x Heat 4official
11:15324Beach Race system ACM1x Heat 5official
11:20325Beach Race system ACM1x Heat 6official
11:25326Beach Race system ACM1x Heat 7official
11:30327Beach Race system ACM1x Heat 8official
12:30328Beach Race system ACJM1x Quarterfinal 1official
12:35329Beach Race system BCMix2x Quarterfinal 1official
12:40330Beach Race system ACJM1x Quarterfinal 2official
12:45331Beach Race system BCMix2x Quarterfinal 2official
12:50332Beach Race system ACJM1x Quarterfinal 3official
12:55333Beach Race system BCMix2x Quarterfinal 3official
13:00334Beach Race system ACJM1x Quarterfinal 4official
13:05335Beach Race system BCMix2x Quarterfinal 4official
13:10336Beach Race system ACJM1x Semifinal 1official
13:15337Beach Race system BCMix2x Semifinal 1official
13:20338Beach Race system ACJM1x Semifinal 2official
13:25339Beach Race system BCMix2x Semifinal 2official
13:30340Beach Race system ACJM1x Final Bofficial
13:35341Beach Race system BCMix2x Final Bofficial
13:40342Beach Race system ACJM1x Final Aofficial
13:45343Beach Race system BCMix2x Final Aofficial
14:00344Beach Race system ACW1x Quarterfinal 1official
14:05345Beach Race system BCJMix2x Quarterfinal 1official
14:10346Beach Race system ACW1x Quarterfinal 2official
14:15347Beach Race system BCJMix2x Quarterfinal 2official
14:20348Beach Race system ACW1x Quarterfinal 3official
14:25349Beach Race system BCJMix2x Quarterfinal 3official
14:30350Beach Race system ACW1x Quarterfinal 4official
14:35351Beach Race system BCJMix2x Quarterfinal 4official
14:40352Beach Race system ACW1x Semifinal 1official
14:45353Beach Race system BCJMix2x Semifinal 1official
14:50354Beach Race system ACW1x Semifinal 2official
14:55355Beach Race system BCJMix2x Semifinal 2official
15:00356Beach Race system ACW1x Final Bofficial
15:05357Beach Race system BCJMix2x Final Bofficial
15:10358Beach Race system ACW1x Final Aofficial
15:15359Beach Race system BCJMix2x Final Aofficial
15:30360Beach Race system ACM1x Quarterfinal 1official
15:35361Beach Race system BCJW1x Heat 1official
15:40362Beach Race system ACM1x Quarterfinal 2official
15:45363Beach Race system BCJW1x Heat 2official
15:50364Beach Race system ACM1x Quarterfinal 3official
15:55365Beach Race system BCJW1x Heat 3official
16:00366Beach Race system ACM1x Quarterfinal 4official
16:05367Beach Race system BCJW1x Semifinal 1official
16:10368Beach Race system ACM1x Semifinal 1official
16:15369Beach Race system BCJW1x Semifinal 2official
16:20370Beach Race system ACM1x Semifinal 2official
16:25371Beach Race system BCJW1x Final Bofficial
16:30372Beach Race system ACM1x Final Bofficial
16:35373Beach Race system BCM1x Final Aofficial
16:40374Beach Race system ACJW1x Final Aofficial
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