6. März 2022

09:001WK II Mä 1000 meterofficial
09:202WK II Mä 1000 meterofficial
09:403WK II Ju 1000 meterofficial
10:004WK II Ju 1000 meterofficial
10:205WK III Mä 1000 meterofficial
10:406WK III Ju 1000 meterofficial
11:007WK III Ju, WK II Mä, WK III Mä 1000 meterofficial
11:208WK IV Mä 4 minutesofficial
11:359WK IV Ju 4 minutesofficial
11:5010WK IV Ju 4 minutesofficial
12:0511WK V Mä 4 minutesofficial
12:2012WK V Ju 4 minutesofficial
12:3513WK V Ju, WK VI Ju 4 minutesofficial
12:5014WK VI Mä, WK V Ju 4 minutesofficial
13:0515WK VI Mä 4 minutesofficial
13:2016WK VI Ju 4 minutesofficial
13:3517Betr. 500 meterofficial
13:4518Sen* 350 meterofficial
13:5519Sen 350 meterofficial
14:0520WK VI 4er 4er Staffel 250official
14:2521WK V 4er 4er Staffel 250official
14:4522WK V 4er 4er Staffel 250official
15:0523WK IV 4er 4er Staffel 250official
15:2524WK III Mä 4er 4er Staffel 250official
15:4525WK III Ju 4er 4er Staffel 250official
16:0526WK II Mä 4er 4er Staffel 350official
16:2027WK II Ju 4er 4er Staffel 350official
16:3528WK II Ju 4er 4er Staffel 350official
16:5029Sen 4er 4er Staffel 350official
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