4 July 2021

211W 1x D1D-K
Masters D Women's Single Sculls
215W 1x H1D-K
Masters H Women's Single Sculls
216W 1x I2D-K
Masters I Women's Single Sculls
221M 1x EE-K
Masters E Men's Single Sculls
222M 1x F3E-K
Masters F Men's Single Sculls
223M 1x G1E-K
Masters G Men's Single Sculls
224M 1x H1E-K
Masters H Men's Single Sculls
231W 2x A2A-C
Masters A Women's Double Sculls
232W 2x B2A-C
Masters B Women's Double Sculls
233W 2x C4A-C
Masters C Women's Double Sculls
238W 4- C1A-K
Masters C Women's Four
401M 4x D3D-K
Masters D Men's Quadruple Sculls
421W 1x A3A-C
Masters A Women's Single Sculls
422W 1x B2A-C
Masters B Women's Single Sculls
423W 1x C4A-C
Masters C Women's Single Sculls
426M 1x A1A-D
Masters A Men's Single Sculls
427M 1x B2A-D
Masters B Men's Single Sculls
428M 1x C2A-D
Masters C Men's Single Sculls
429M 1x D4A-D
Masters D Men's Single Sculls
432W 2x E2D-K
Masters E Women's Double Sculls
433W 2x F2D-K
Masters F Women's Double Sculls
442W 2- B1A-K
Masters B Women's Pair
443W 2- C1A-K
Masters C Women's Pair
471M 4- C1C-D
Masters C Men's Four
472M 4- D1C-D
Masters D Men's Four
532W 8+ B1A-K
Masters B Women's Eight
601M 2x E2E-K
Masters E Men's Double Sculls
604M 2x H2E-K
Masters H Men's Double Sculls
611M 2x CC-D
Masters C Men's Double Sculls
612M 2x D4C-D
Masters D Men's Double Sculls
614M 2x B2A-B
Masters B Men's Double Sculls
625W 4x B14*/x A-C
Masters B Women's Quadruple Sculls
626W 4x C14*/x A-C
Masters C Women's Quadruple Sculls
643W 4x F14*/x D-K
Masters F Women's Quadruple Sculls
644W 4x G14*/x D-K
Masters G Women's Quadruple Sculls
803Mixed 2x C1A-K
Masters C Mixed Double Sculls
805Mixed 2x E1A-K
Masters E Mixed Double Sculls
809Mixed 2x I1A-K
Masters I Mixed Double Sculls
832M 8+ B1A-E
Masters B Men's Eight
834M 8+ D2A-E
Masters D Men's Eight
842M 8+ G1F-K
Masters G Men's Eight
850Mix 4x E1
Masters E Mixed Quadruple Sculls

other events

212W 1x ED-K
Masters E Women's Single Sculls
213W 1x FD-K
Masters F Women's Single Sculls
214W 1x GD-K
Masters G Women's Single Sculls
217W 1x JD-K
Masters J Women's Single Sculls
218W 1x KD-K
Masters K Women's Single Sculls
225M 1x IE-K
Masters I Men's Single Sculls
226M 1x JE-K
Masters J Men's Single Sculls
227M 1x KE-K
Masters K Men's Single Sculls
236W 4- AA-K
Masters A Women's Four
237W 4- BA-K
Masters B Women's Four
239W 4- DA-K
Masters D Women's Four
240W 4- EA-K
Masters E Women's Four
241W 4- FA-K
Masters F Women's Four
242W 4- GA-K
Masters G Women's Four
243W 4- HA-K
Masters H Women's Four
244W 4- IA-K
Masters I Women's Four
245W 4- JA-K
Masters J Women's Four
246W 4- KA-K
Masters K Women's Four
251W 4+ AA-K
Masters A Women's Coxed Four
252W 4+ BA-K
Masters B Women's Coxed Four
253W 4+ CA-K
Masters C Women's Coxed Four
254W 4+ DA-K
Masters D Women's Coxed Four
255W 4+ EA-K
Masters E Women's Coxed Four
256W 4+ FA-K
Masters F Women's Coxed Four
257W 4+ GA-K
Masters G Women's Coxed Four
258W 4+ HA-K
Masters H Women's Coxed Four
259W 4+ IA-K
Masters I Women's Coxed Four
260W 4+ JA-K
Masters J Women's Coxed Four
261W 4+ KA-K
Masters K Women's Coxed Four
264M 4+ AA-C
Masters A Men's Coxed Four
265M 4+ BA-C
Masters B Men's Coxed Four
266M 4+ CA-C
Masters C Men's Coxed Four
271M 4- AA-B
Masters A Men's Four
272M 4- BA-B
Masters B Men's Four
274M 4* A4*/x A-C
Masters A Men's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
275M 4* B4*/x A-C
Masters B Men's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
276M 4* C4*/x A-C
Masters C Men's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
277M 4x A4*/x A-C
Masters A Men's Quadruple Sculls
278M 4x B4*/x A-C
Masters B Men's Quadruple Sculls
279M 4x C4*/x A-C
Masters C Men's Quadruple Sculls
280W C4* M
Masters Women's C-Quadruple Sculls
402M 4x ED-K
Masters E Men's Quadruple Sculls
403M 4x FD-K
Masters F Men's Quadruple Sculls
404M 4x GD-K
Masters G Men's Quadruple Sculls
405M 4x HD-K
Masters H Men's Quadruple Sculls
406M 4x ID-K
Masters I Men's Quadruple Sculls
407M 4x JD-K
Masters J Men's Quadruple Sculls
408M 4x KD-K
Masters K Men's Quadruple Sculls
411M 4* DD-K
Masters D Men's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
412M 4* ED-K
Masters E Men's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
413M 4* FD-K
Masters F Men's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
414M 4* GD-K
Masters G Men's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
415M 4* HD-K
Masters H Men's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
416M 4* ID-K
Masters I Men's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
417M 4* JD-K
Masters J Men's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
418M 4* KD-K
Masters K Men's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
431W 2x DD-K
Masters D Women's Double Sculls
434W 2x GD-K
Masters G Women's Double Sculls
435W 2x HD-K
Masters H Women's Double Sculls
436W 2x ID-K
Masters I Women's Double Sculls
437W 2x JD-K
Masters J Women's Double Sculls
438W 2x KD-K
Masters K Women's Double Sculls
441W 2- AA-K
Masters A Women's Pair
444W 2- DA-K
Masters D Women's Pair
445W 2- EA-K
Masters E Women's Pair
446W 2- FA-K
Masters F Women's Pair
447W 2- GA-K
Masters G Women's Pair
448W 2- HA-K
Masters H Women's Pair
449W 2- IA-K
Masters I Women's Pair
450W 2- JA-K
Masters J Women's Pair
451W 2- KA-K
Masters K Women's Pair
461M 2- DD-K
Masters D Men's Pair
462M 2- ED-K
Masters E Men's Pair
463M 2- FD-K
Masters F Men's Pair
464M 2- GD-K
Masters G Men's Pair
465M 2- HD-K
Masters H Men's Pair
466M 2- ID-K
Masters I Men's Pair
467M 2- JD-K
Masters J Men's Pair
468M 2- KD-K
Masters K Men's Pair
475M C4* M
Masters Men's C-Quadruple Sculls
499MBMix 4x
Masters B Mixed Quadruple Sculls
501M 2- AA-C
Masters A Men's Pair
502M 2- BA-C
Masters B Men's Pair
503M 2- CA-C
Masters C Men's Pair
511M 4- EE-K
Masters E Men's Four
512M 4- FE-K
Masters F Men's Four
513M 4- GE-K
Masters G Men's Four
514M 4- HE-K
Masters H Men's Four
515M 4- IE-K
Masters I Men's Four
516M 4- JE-K
Masters J Men's Four
517M 4- KE-K
Masters K Men's Four
521M 4+ DD-K
Masters D Men's Coxed Four
522M 4+ ED-K
Masters E Men's Coxed Four
523M 4+ FD-K
Masters F Men's Coxed Four
524M 4+ GD-K
Masters G Men's Coxed Four
525M 4+ HD-K
Masters H Men's Coxed Four
526M 4+ ID-K
Masters I Men's Coxed Four
527M 4+ JD-K
Masters J Men's Coxed Four
528M 4+ KD-K
Masters K Men's Coxed Four
531W 8+ AA-K
Masters A Women's Eight
533W 8+ CA-K
Masters C Women's Eight
534W 8+ DA-K
Masters D Women's Eight
535W 8+ EA-K
Masters E Women's Eight
536W 8+ FA-K
Masters F Women's Eight
537W 8+ GA-K
Masters G Women's Eight
538W 8+ HA-K
Masters H Women's Eight
539W 8+ IA-K
Masters I Women's Eight
540W 8+ JA-K
Masters J Women's Eight
541W 8+ KA-K
Masters K Women's Eight
Masters Octuple Sculls
602M 2x FE-K
Masters F Men's Double Sculls
603M 2x GE-K
Masters G Men's Double Sculls
605M 2x IE-K
Masters I Men's Double Sculls
606M 2x JE-K
Masters J Men's Double Sculls
607M 2x KE-K
Masters K Men's Double Sculls
613M 2x AA-B
Masters A Men's Double Sculls
621W 4* A4*/x A-C
Masters A Women's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
622W 4* B4*/x A-C
Masters B Women's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
623W 4* C4*/x A-C
Masters C Women's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
624W 4x A4*/x A-C
Masters A Women's Quadruple Sculls
631W 4* D4*/x D-K
Masters D Women's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
632W 4* E4*/x D-K
Masters E Women's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
633W 4* F4*/x D-K
Masters F Women's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
634W 4* G4*/x D-K
Masters G Women's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
635W 4* H4*/x D-K
Masters H Women's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
636W 4* I4*/x D-K
Masters I Women's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
637W 4* J4*/x D-K
Masters J Women's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
638W 4* K4*/x D-K
Masters K Women's Coxed Quadruple Sculls
641W 4x D4*/x D-K
Masters D Women's Quadruple Sculls
642W 4x E4*/x D-K
Masters E Women's Quadruple Sculls
645W 4x H4*/x D-K
Masters H Women's Quadruple Sculls
646W 4x I4*/x D-K
Masters I Women's Quadruple Sculls
647W 4x J4*/x D-K
Masters J Women's Quadruple Sculls
648W 4x K4*/x D-K
Masters K Women's Quadruple Sculls
801Mixed 2x AA-K
Masters A Mixed Double Sculls
802Mixed 2x BA-K
Masters B Mixed Double Sculls
804Mixed 2x DA-K
Masters D Mixed Double Sculls
806Mixed 2x FA-K
Masters F Mixed Double Sculls
807Mixed 2x GA-K
Masters G Mixed Double Sculls
808Mixed 2x HA-K
Masters H Mixed Double Sculls
810Mixed 2x JA-K
Masters J Mixed Double Sculls
811Mixed 2x KA-K
Masters K Mixed Double Sculls
821Mixed C4*
Masters Mixed C-Quadruple Sculls
831M 8+ AA-E
Masters A Men's Eight
833M 8+ CA-E
Masters C Men's Eight
835M 8+ EA-E
Masters E Men's Eight
841M 8+ FF-K
Masters F Men's Eight
843M 8+ HF-K
Masters H Men's Eight
844M 8+ IF-K
Masters I Men's Eight
845M 8+ JF-K
Masters J Men's Eight
846M 8+ KF-K
Masters K Men's Eight
847Mix 4x A
Masters A Mixed Quadruple Sculls
848Mix 4x C
Masters C Mixed Quadruple Sculls
849Mix 4x D
Masters D Mixed Quadruple Sculls
851Mix 4x F
Masters F Mixed Quadruple Sculls
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